Immigration Nation
Communities with large Latino populations and lower-than-average incomes, typically clustered in the South and Southwest
Per Capita vs. Median Household Income (2010)
Presidental Elections Vote
% Hispanic Population (2010)
Poverty Rate (2005-09)


Immigration Nation

The Immigration Nation counties are clumped together in the southwestern states – Texas and New Mexico in particular – but as the Hispanic population has spread across the country so have these communities. There are three Immigration Nation counties in Iowa, two in Indiana and one further north in Michigan. A few examples: El Mirage, AZ Laredo, TX

The impact of the growing Hispanic population can be felt in communities across the United States, but not in the way they are felt in Immigration Nation counties. These places are not necessarily overwhelmingly or even majority Hispanic, rather they are places with large Hispanic populations where there tends to be a strong divide in the community between Hispanics and Anglos.

Immigration Nation counties often hold communities within communities – one where most all business and conversation is done in English and one where Spanish dominates. Walk or drive a few blocks and you might find not only different kinds of grocery stores and different languages are the registers, but different products on the shelves.

The different ethnicities and backgrounds of the people in these counties can cause increased tensions from both sides. Often the Hispanic populations in these counties can feel strains arising from cultural differences between themselves and their Anglo neighbors – particularly if those Hispanic populations are new. And Anglo populations often worry that Hispanic populations, particularly newly arrived ones, will affect the employment climate. In some communities these tensions can lead to dysfunctional relationships and governance.

Immigration Nation