Monied Burbs
Wealthier, highly educated communities with a median household income of $15,000 above the national county average
Per Capita vs. Median Household Income (2010)
Presidental Elections Vote
% over $200K HH income
Poverty Rate (2005-09)


Monied Burbs

As the global economy shifts, the Monied 'Burbs sit in a relatively good position – literally. They are generally located near major population centers with good road systems and information technologies in place, along with their educated citizens. These places are set to be winners, or relative winners, in the United States in the new economy. A few examples: Nashua, NH Los Alamos, NM

For a lot of people, the Monied Burbs are what they mean when they say America. These counties are home to neatly laid-out rows of homes on tree-lined streets and to the upscale shopping malls and office parks that have come to define American suburbia. The Burbs hold more people than any other type in Patchwork Nation and they are a little better off in terms of income and education than the others – in some cases a lot better off. They hold the leafy inner-ring suburbs around the nation’s biggest cities along with some of the struggling run-down close-in towns. But on the whole, these are the counties of the American dream where people mostly live in houses, not apartments, where they drive late-model cars to white-collar jobs.

The higher incomes in the Burbs means these counties are the kinds of places where you find the country’s high-end retailers and car dealers. You’ll generally find no shortage of fine restaurants in which to dine along with a good selection of organic groceries. The nicest Monied Burbs are the places where one finds restored old-time downtowns with cafés, upscale clothing boutiques and pet bakeries – all equipped with wi-fi. Of all the county types in Patchwork Nation, the Burbs have the most households with some investment in the stock market and the most college degrees. These counties weren’t exempted from the effects of the Great Recession. Their unemployment rates spiked like everyone else’s. But they have seen the fastest rebound, aided by their higher median incomes and education rates.

Monied Burbs

Community Stories

The Monied Burb Firewall
By Dante Chinni, Jefferson Insitute

When the many stories of 2012 are written, there should be a special focus paid to the suburban counties Patchwork Nation calls the Monied Burbs. Those counties have become a reliable Democratic constituency in recent elections and, when all the votes are counted, 2012 will likely show just how strongly.

Obama won the election last night because of a Midwestern firewall, but also because of a firewall in the Burbs.

At this writing Obama leads in the Monied Burbs by 6 points - as you can see on WNYC's election night map. That’s less than he won them by in 2008, but more than the Democratic candidates won them by in 2000 and 2004. Their leaning toward...